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If you go with the natural pitcher, you will need round purification for it. The red and the white-colored ones include frequent rectangle-shaped (boxy) narrow. These are practically all the variations between the two designs. The work and the performance of purification do not vary. The price of the pitchers and the spares is also the same which makes it entirely up to you which one you want to buy. Check our Alkaline water filter pitcher information for more experience about water filtration.

Why use this product

The most important attribute of the Claro Alkaline water filter pitcher is exactly the alkaline aspect. This pitcher will definitely make your water better for your health not only by washing it but also by including alkaline and increasing the pH stages.

Any frequent regular water would have pH stages of about 5 or 5.5. The perfect variety here, however, is 7.5 – 9. With this Claro item, you get exactly that. A simple analyze reveals that water, strained by a Claro jug has its pH stages at about 8 – 8.5.

Capacity is also breathtaking. This thing will give you 3.5 liters or almost a quart water any moment you gasoline. Thanks to this quantity, the lifetime of the narrow can be extended further. Since you aren’t reloading the pitcher 3 times a day, you really take it easy on the narrow and it continues longer.

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Why individuals won’t buy this product

Unfortunately, with the Claro Alkaline water filter pitcher, you will also find a variety of style faults and some of them produce efficient drawbacks as well. The lid is definitely not the good thing of this pitcher. If you point it too much, the whole lid might go away as it is not well snugged. Additionally, before summer the cap (small lid) is too cheap and might pop out if you aren’t cautious.

A practical inclusion is the reverse time which encourages you about when to substitute the narrow. Great, but after a few replacements the system often problems and you are stayed with monitoring the lifetime of your narrow the old-fashioned way – with a schedule.

It is apparent that Claro tried creating a very effective and efficient water purification system pitcher as they included a variety of benefits and systems. The big disadvantage of this, though, is the fact that changing purification can be quite the complicated effort. There are too many areas and your frequent house wife won’t have plenty of your efforts and effort nor the skills to put back the whole machine together.

If you somehow handle to modify the narrow without ruining nervousness, then you have to get ready to ready your water purification system pitcher for use. To obtain that you need to run water through the narrow for 2 full moments. Then you are needed to throw-away the first 3 pitchers. It’s a advantage that you are not needed to go the woodlands and preserve a damsel in problems from a monster before you can consume water from this jug.

Perhaps the most important affect on the Claro Alkaline water filter pitcher is that there is a big starting on top water tank. This gap allows water to avoid the narrow and get into the already narrow water below. If you fill up the jug too much and too fast this is exactly what will occur.

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  • Raises the pH stages of your water
  • Comes in 3 shades – this difference also gives you two types of purification to choose from – round and rectangle-shaped.
  • Large capacity


  • Lid is actually flimsy
  • Counter time fights before you know it – hard to monitor the lifetime of your filter
  • It’s almost too tricky to substitute the narrow – then preparing the jug for use is an ordeal
  • There’s a gap on the top water section – unfiltered water can avoid the narrow and end up in the fresh water

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