Aozora Water Filter Pitcher Review

It is always a great experience when you connect to a product that is exclusive from all others mainly because the developers wished to go further. Check out the Aozora Water filter pitcher and its mixture of filter and UV light.


Yes, that is correct, the jug actually clears the water at 2 stages. The first one is the filtration program and the second stage happens down in water that is fresh place where the UV mild seems to be apart (pun intended).

The Apparent Things

The filter has a 4 stage filter but in all value, there isn’t anything about it that will strike you out the water.

1.        Sediment contaminants are gotten rid of in the Pre-sediment filter
2.      The the very best efficient as well as part manages the snorkeling discuss place h2o in your water
3.      In the 3rd part, contaminants are eliminated thanks to the ion come back resin
4.     All other staying contaminants are broken by the PET micro-filtering film.

When it comes to the life of the filter, you get the most popular 40 gallons or about 300 solutions simply. The amount of the Aozora Standard Water Filter Pitcher seems to be at about 3.5 liters providing you 10 associated with broken the water. There is a filter substitute sign to be able to keep up  to now with how plenty of your current as well as the narrow has been in there for.

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The UV Light

The celebrity of the display and exactly why people are willing to pay top end money for this the filtration program jug is certainly the UV mild. The labeled UV disinfection technologies are set up towards the end package where the h2o that is fresh is.

What it does is to prevent additional contamination the water. By washing broken the h2o, the UV mild also loss all kinds of viruses that might have stayed in there. The mild doesn’t add anything to the h2o. It just allows it remain better for more time.

Your UV mild will last for about 100 solutions which is three periods less than the narrow. But do you have to buy a new one every time? Does it need to get customized in the same way to the filter? No, it doesn’t. The set has a charger and you are to quickly connect it up and cost it just like any frequent mobile cellphone.

Another advantage of the UV mild is that it comes set up straight from the box. You aren’t needed to do anything about it except for ensuring that that it is billed. The red and red management control  buttons will immediate you when the UV mild is operating and when it has finished its procedure.

It’s not All Absolutely Convenient

There are two disadvantages of this amazing inclusion, though. It is a little more complicated to clear up your the filtration program water filter pitcher when the UV mild is just present. Producer indicates that we fresh the end off continually but this implies getting apart the narrow very often. If there’s any deposit down there, washing isn’t a choice as well.

The second disadvantage is that you can’t keep the jug in the refrigerator. The amazing is going to fight with the UV mild and the product will likely reduce the region. You need to find other methods to have a amazing and at once broken the water.

You will also have to look for  help from customer support and attention or online boards if you want to see how to effectively modify the filter. The guidelines completely miss that part and won’t even tell you how to get a new filter for it.




  •  4 part narrow – this tactic thoroughly reveals up your the h2o, eliminating perfume as well as metals
  •  Impeccable style – a amazing look allowing the jug a great devices for any kitchen
  •  Rechargeable UV mild – labeled technological innovation which further allows the filtration of your the h2o. Standard water is washed and other contamination is prevented


  •  Can’t shop in the refrigerator – the UV mild will get damaged
  •  Tough to clear up – the UV mild stops you from dealing with base the filtration program pitcher
  •  Instructions are not comprehensive
  •  In the high cost range


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