BWT Magnesium Infused Water Filter Pitcher Review


The name sort of gives away that the nutrient water purification program glass pitcher is all about Mineral magnesium. What it does thanks to the trademarked BWT technological innovation is to add some Mg+ to your nutrient water which boosts it on many levels. First of all, Mg+ has a natural nutrient taste making your coffee, tea and other drinks which use nutrient water basically fantastic.

The narrow also eliminates all pollutants that other common nutrient water purification program containers cleanse such as Copper nutrient and Dime. Last but not least, it definitely fights the MG+ lack of which is a common factor among grownups due to the approach to life that we have.

BWT and their product have won a number of excellent prizes in European countries and the USA but it is useless to list them here. It basically has to show you that the brand the product is identified globally and that you are looking for products with customs and difference.

What’s Under the Hood?

Not only that, but the product is also made according to all the rules of USA’s FDA and is fully qualified. The plastic doesn’t contain any BPA (bisphenol A).

The technological innovation used in the narrow doesn’t include only the Mineral magnesium infusion. The whole purification process is faster than normal. This is because no pre-soaking is needed in order for the narrow to start performing. Additionally, this part also contains gold.

What the gold does is not only eliminate some viruses and viruses but it also extends the filter’s way of life. Last but not least, the pollutants or the components included within the narrow itself will not drain down and get loaded on the bottom. This would reduce the performance of the narrow but luckily, with the BWT Water Filter Pitcher it won’t happen.

On obviously, the jug is rather expensive to maintain. This is because the purification are expensive and they do not last that long. You will get only about 25 gallons of way of life out of a single narrow and that’s it. The price of the purification is often the reason why individuals move to other manufacturers of nutrient water purification program pitchers.

One more factor which happens with the BWT Water Pitcher is that some little dark specks might appear within the nutrient water initially you use a narrow. Make sure all the various are squeaky fresh before you use your jug for initially. That should take care of it.

Thanks to the complex liver of the BWT Water filter pitcher, the real potential is really a lot reduced. The jug will hold enough nutrient water for only about 3 or 4 glasses at once. This brings to more replacements which ends up in a very intense use of the narrow.

Don’t depend on the narrow gauge that much. It is not entirely precise although being attentive to it can’t harm. Also, the weight of the whole development especially when complete can reach more than 4 pounds. Some individuals might find the jug heavy to raise.

In general, using this glass pitcher intensely will not impact your bank account in a good way. Family members that drink a lot of nutrient water are unlikely to be happy with how much servicing this product needs. If you down just one jug a day, then you will be fine.




  • Packed with exclusive technological innovation – you get a water pitcher filled with trademarked systems and elements.
  • Adds Mineral magnesium – not only that the BWT nutrient water purification program glass pitcher purifies your nutrient water, it also makes it rich in Mg+.
  • The narrow contains gold – even more reasons why there is no doubt that your nutrient water is completely fresh upon consuming


  • Parts need to be fresh – even though BWT statements the purification do not need to be pre-soaked, you are better off cleaning everything before a first-time use if you want to avoid having dark pollutants in your nutrient water.
  • Capacity isn’t huge – the size of the liver simply leaves little space for the real normal nutrient water. Continuous replacements wear down the narrow pushing you to buy a new one.
  • Filters cost a lot.


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